Balay Indang


Balay Indang started as a retreat house for family and selected friends. On October 2005, it was opened for the public to enjoy its beauty and serenity.
Balay Indang is approximately an hour and a half from Metro Manila and 15 to 20 minutes from the Tagaytay Rotonda. Trece Martirez to Indang, Cavite is another route to Balay Indang.

Balay Indang's twenty-eight rooms are fitted with the ultimate comforts of modern living yet retain an old world charm. There are conference rooms and a dining room area available for seminars or corporate events. Balay Indang has a large swimming pool and poolside pavilion for swimming, relaxing, or playing board games as well as an expansive garden filled with different cacti of flowers and trees. This is truly an ideal place to bond with people and create meaningful business and personal relationships.

Balay Indang is a place to relax and recharge.  It is a chance to nurture the really valuable facets of life and discover nature as it should be.


House Rules

Balay Indang, is OUR HOME, a place of quiet and tranquil where we can commune with God, nature and ourselves.

To make OUR HOME a real paradise, let us take good care of this precious gift.

  1. Let us respect the serenity of OUR HOME.
  2. Let us take good care of our valuable treasures: furniture, collectibles and decors, fixtures, beddings, etc.
  3. Let us conduct our activities in designated areas only:
    *EATING - at the conservatory or main dining
    *RECREATION - poolside and pavilion
    *PLAYING -garden and lawn or little Isaac's room
    *SLEEPING - cottages and balay rooms
  4. Children are God's gift, and we love them. They are energetic, lively and playful. Let us keep an eye on our little angels.
  5. Let us conserve energy by turning the lights off at 11:00pm or switching it off when not in use.
  6. Let us be healthy; no smoking inside the rooms.

Experience the warmth and beauty of our home. Thank you!!!